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28% of high-net-worth individuals have been the victim of at least one cyber attack

If you have a profile, you have a problem.
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coc00n is an invisible wrapper that secures your device and protects the data within it.

coc00n secures the devices of high-value and high-interest individuals against cyber attacks.
Devised and managed by former GCHQ and NCSC experts, coc00n provides a level of cyber security previously only provided to those under Government protection.
A unique digital service that protects, safeguards and defends the personal identity and interests of our clients.
"It’s like having a personal cyber security guard."
GF - Investment Banker, coc00n client

Providing enterprise-level cyber security for private individuals.

We configure your device into a secure state
We continuously evaluate and monitor your device’s security
We prevent access and block malicious attempts to infiltrate your device
“The biggest threat to high value individuals isn’t their physical security, it's their lack of cyber security.”
TZ - Former Head of Cyber Security at the Royal Household

High-value and high-profile individuals are high-risk.

Adversaries and cyber criminals operate sophisticated networks targeting those with wealth, status and access. Methods are becoming ever more advanced and increasingly difficult to track. It is imperative that individuals who have a high commercial value take proactive measures to protect themselves from the prevalence of cyber-crime and the consequences of being compromised.
38% of ultra-high-net-worth families and family businesses internationally say they do not have a cyber security plan in place

Campden Research

C-Suite is 12x more likely to be targeted by a cyber attack


cybercriminals cloned the voice of a company director to authorise the transfer of USD$35M to fraudulent accounts

Brewster, T 2021

of cyber attacks are financially motivated, with spear fishing becoming a popular technique

2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

Personal data is involved in almost 60% of all data breaches

Verizon DBIR

25% of family offices have been victims of a cyber attack

Columbia University


Our team has over 30 years' experience at the forefront of cyber security within GCHQ and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre where they devised, developed and implemented projects that protected the UK’s most high-risk institutions and individuals against cyber threats.
Our team has authored leading guidance and papers advising on cyber security best practice which has been adopted by numerous global organisations.
Review, design and implementation of complex technical architecture
Solutions architecture
Mobile device security and administering services in high-threat environments
Cloud based cyber security services
Secure Administration
Privilege Access Management (PAM)
Zero Trust Architecture
Running Secure Operations Centres (SOC)
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Cryptographic Systems
Risk Profiling: advising and securing high risk individuals


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