Introducing coc00n

coc00n wraps your device in a unique suite of protections that ensures that from set-up to ongoing use, your device remains in its optimum secure state, meaning your digital life and activities remain private.
coc00n provides a uniquely configured set of services that allow you to use your device as you would normally, but with unrivalled protections in placeā€¦
Proactive protections against malicious threats:
  • Realtime threat intel feeds inform security
  • Filtering and blocking malicious URLs
  • Suspicious emails quarantined
  • Email attachments opened in a secure sandbox
Privacy and data security:
  • Military grade encryption secures data in transit
  • 'Always on' VPN so all data remains secure
  • Whole device data privacy
  • Data breach monitoring and alerting
Secure communications:
  • Bespoke secure coc00n email service
  • Facility to import custom domains
  • Reputation protections
Support and assistance:
  • Client app provides live data insight and info
  • Cyber concierge - expert support when needed
  • Crisis response and remote device wipe
Continuous maintenance:
  • Automatic system updates
  • Vulnerabilities patched
  • App installation risk alerts
Whilst your security is our primary concern, we do not compromise your privacy to deliver our service. We cannot see anything stored on your device (photos, messages, files) and are unable to access or view data held within third party applications. Your activity is protected and your privacy is preserved.