coc00n is designed and operated by former GCHQ and NCSC cyber security experts who provided a similar service to the highest profile and highest risk individuals under Government protection.


Core coc00n protections include

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Always on VPN:
Your always-on VPN means none of your information is visible and can’t get out. coc00n protects your traffic and then breaks out to the internet in a location we know is secure via trusted server. Your always-on VPN provides whole device data protection in transit
coc00n Email:
Unlike the free email services offered by several providers, your coc00n email service is protected by advanced threat protection technologies. Additionally, the coc00n email service does not curate and sell any of your personal data to advertising agencies in any format.
Email attachments opened in a sandbox:
security threats are neutralised as your email attachments are opened in a sandbox and inspected for malicious data connections before being made available to view. This means malicious payloads can be blocked before they reach your device.
Anti spoofing protections:
coc00n safeguards your email address so that it cannot be impersonated or ‘spoofed’ in an attempt to spear-phish or extort your close contacts. Our techniques including SPF, DKIM and DMARC protecting against impersonation and ensuring emails can be trusted.
DNS protection:
(domain name system) blocks access automatically to known malicious URLs and can be configured to block URLs and apps (for example to protect children).
  • We ingest multiple threat intel feeds to enrich our blocking service.
  • Our DNS will spot the discrepancy using a list curated from threat intelligence feeds to maintain a list of malicious domains and when you try to connect to one, we block it.
  • We use threat intel to check your credentials haven’t been breached in a data leak.
  • We categorise the web and know that e.g. BET365 is a gambling site, that BBC is a news site and we can block access to sites based on your and your family’s need(s)
Proactive measures taken at all times, including:
  1. Device supply chain security
  2. Your device is ‘supervised’ by coc00n meaning our secure provisions can be always-on
  3. In the event your device is misplaced/lost/stolen, we can activate a remote wipe.
  4. Always-on trusted VPN – which delivers a private break-out to the internet (unlike commercially available VPNs) - providing whole device data protection in transit
  5. Data exfiltration monitoring: automated anomaly detection will alert any unauthorised usage to make sure no one has accessed your account.
  1. coc00n secure email address (an existing or custom domain of your choice) that provide best-in-class security to protect against spam, phishing, malicious attachment
  2. Regularly polling known dark web data leaks to check if client email addresses and passwords have been leaked or obtained providing digital data and identity protection
  3. Enforcement of best practises for securing your devices:
  1. 6-digit unlock
  2. Ban apps that pose security risks
  3. Proactive patching against vulnerabilities within the operating system and security and feature updates